In a time when many poets missed the social spaces created for them in the region, Poetry Society of Tennessee – Northeast (PST-NE) chapter members—past and present—were lifted by a message and video telling the story of the chapter’s first decade. The chapter pivoted to a video story after COVID-19 precautions led them to cancel their 10th anniversary celebration.

Partnering for Impact

Also a poet member, Lisa put her business to the task on this pro bono project. Kamolnick Kreative worked with the chapter’s founder and outgoing President to create the well-received message and video. The message was packaged in a brand-compliant, visually compelling email. In making the video, Kamolnick Kreative provided a script, produced the video and completed the voice-over.  As a special touch to increase the video’s impact, music compositions honored the chapter’s roots and personality and amplified the mood and tone of each video segment. 

Capturing the Heart of the Story

Kamolnick Kreative distilled a story from the history and activities of the organization that spoke to a love of poetry and a love for one another:

  • The organization seeks to elevate poetry in the region and to help poets improve skills. Their members are passionate about writing poetry and desire to ignite that passion in others.
  • PST-NE chapter members gather regularly to share their work and support one another. They have developed close friendships over the years.
  • Everyone is welcome. Members come from all over, and range from old to young and from beginner to accomplished, published author.
  • Some members participate in regular critique sessions to improve their craft.
  • They are fierce competitors. For example, Janice Hornburg won the prestigious “Best of the Fest” award at the Poetry Society of Tennessee Poetry Festival two years in a row.  Rose Klix was named a Poet Laureate. The chapter’s members have won more than 170 awards associated with chapter, state, and national organization contests over the years.
  • The Chapter sponsors contests, as do some members, and some also judge contests at local, regional and national levels.
  • Members share their often powerful work in public performances and publications. 
  • They are a creative, dedicated group of people who have built a solid organization and look forward to many more decades.

A Soundtrack with a Back Story

  • Hiking the Ridge is an acoustic tribute to the group’s mountain roots and to the regional programs.
  • Hangin’ in the Holler celebrates the country music roots of the region and the frequent social gatherings of chapter members, past and present, as well as affiliated groups in the area.
  • Spoken and Stirred features strings and highlights the power of poetry readings.
  • Published Piano Interlude subtly hits high notes of the chapter’s many published poets.
  • PST-NE All Stars Anthem is a techno-funk piece that reflects the surprising drama and energy of poetry competition. (Poetry competitions are slow-paced, but the poetic energy is as palpable as race cars pacing during a caution on a NASCAR track: you don’t see a lot of movement, but you know there’s a lot at play under the hood.) 
  • Give it a Little Gospel reflects the funky, free-spirited and reverent sides of poetry and the volunteer spirit of the members.
  • Love Built celebrates the people and achievements of the past while looking ahead to future decades.

If you’re interested, you can access the soundtrack here.

Learn More About Poetry

If you’re interested in poetry, learn more about the PST-NE and the National Federation of State Poetry Societies.

Want to Tell Your Story?

Contact Kamolnick Kreative for your next story-telling project, from script-writing to voice overs, to creating content in, beyond—or behind—the video story. 

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