In February I completed a voice over for two award-winning organizations. Hillhouse Creative spearheaded the project for the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association, and together they selected my voice for a video narration. The more I learned about this opportunity, the more I felt “all in” for it. Today, I’m excited to share this work with you.

As a Tennessee transplant, I felt especially honored to be chosen as the voice to tell others about our region. As a voice actor, the most interesting part about the job was that I got to try out a new accent: Appalachian! I’ve done a variety of southern accents over the years. But when I moved here in 2007, I couldn’t get the hang of the fast-moving southern Appalachian accent people speak here. Apparently, I picked it up….

The video highlights the impact of tourism on our region. Even if you know this area, you may be surprised to learn how much thought has gone into tourism … and the tremendous results of that effort. While the video speaks to tourism, both locals and tourists enjoy many activities in the region.

Whether you’re local or live far away, this video may prompt you to add a new activity or destination to your plans for 2020 and beyond. I really enjoyed learning more about our area and identified some new activities to check out this year. Thanks to my fear of heights, paragliding did not make my list, but if you’re into that … there’s an opportunity coming your way! Watch on.

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