The Closed Eye Open recently published two pieces of my work—a poem and a photograph—in their themed edition, Ripples on the Pond: Meditation. “We Hum()an Infinity” is a naani sequence. For those not familiar, it’s a popular Indian poetic form with four lines and no more than 20-25 syllables. “Mountain Morning Highlights” appears as the feature photo of this blog post. It is one of a group of photos I took one amazing morning on Lake Wautaga, part of the TVA system.

I’m grateful to the editors for selecting my work, and it feels all the more meaningful to be included in a meditation-themed issue: I don’t just explore the theme artistically, I engage in meditation almost daily. I encourage you to try it for the many benefits it offers.

This is the first time my work has appeared in The Closed Eye Open, and it will not be the last. My poem “complatency” was accepted for their upcoming Issue X. To learn more about The Closed Eye Open, their About Us page is worth the read. You can discover more of my published work here.

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