Poetry Excerpts


                                                               woke up this morning
                          and forgot about 
 the mask           and
                   the second 
                   the recommended
                  who would wear 
the mask
                  who wouldn’t 
                       oh yes
                      the other                         
                 we wear                   
                 to protect 
                 our naked souls

then i remembered them all     
                                                               and was grateful 
     for nothing to do
     but stay home
     with you  

First published in Black Moon Magazine, Issue 3. copyright 2021. all rights reserved.


Full Worm Moon

crawling through the night 
as the robin returns

soon you will fade 
bringing spring skies 

and sunny days 
when the robin

hunts in grass shoots 
for your earthly sisters 

and sings to angelic clouds 
floating in a blue-grey sky.

copyright 2005. all rights reserved.

Now Fall

Fall is half over, but winter insisted.

Yesterday was arctic. Jagged clouds 
threw crisp blades across a blue-grey prospect. 
Polar winds crushed ice on my reluctant skin. 
Leaves peeled from trees, exposing 
a season of squirrel havens. 
But that was yesterday. Today….

Today was a lark. Wispy white puffs 
spread smiles across sky-blue shadows. 
Friendly winds melted my cold mood 
with solar wit. Robins rose in sun-kissed air 
as if warm days were forevermore.…

Tomorrow, who knows?  

Cold front, warm stationary—no matter.
Leaves will scatter, birds will sing … and I, 
rising from the other side of night, will wonder 
how a love that warms like a sunny day 
can turn and blow as bitter as winter wind. 

Is this a passing season? 

Maybe Spring will say.  

First published in Ink to Paper, Vol. 5. copyright 2020. all rights reserved.

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