This summer, amid a throng of activity, I explored various poetic forms and subject matter—for contests, practice and fun. Summer may have left us, but I can’t resist a look back before the air cools and colors change. Here’s a small sample of my work, in a summertime poetry roundup.



Upon a mountain’s heady heights
amid the buzz of busy bees
of knotty branches, balmy breeze …
a bench beneath pink blooms invites
a pause between fern fronds and trees,
for rhododendron rhapsodies—
of mountain music, summer sights.

pastel sunset

Summer’s Sweet Goodnight

whispered evening
⁠light, cotton candy clouds,
pastels, silhouettes, and a sweet⁠⁠

Shaved ice, iced water
watermelon, ice cream—your
Summer has been served.

vibrant sunset

Summer’s Sunset

Shy sapphire sky peeks 
through thunderheads.
Clouds contain a secret— 
reluctant rain. Ribboned rays
illuminate lightning’s cradle.
Summer … hesitates.

Summer Blues on Roan Man

Seasons intersect;
Sun blazes through late summer—
Nature’s timer ticks to Fall.

How did you spend your summer? What would your summer roundup look like?

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Photos and poetry copyright Lisa Kamolnick 2020.

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