I’m excited to share that my poem, “Like Shimarisu Do” has been published in Maya’s Micro’s December batch. Maya’s Micros features pieces of 108 words or less. It’s a feature of The Closed Eye Open, a website dedicated to art and literature.

About “Like Shimarisu Do”

This fun, brief piece took little time to scribe one morning, but it came after a year of delightful and surprising chipmunk encounters. It all came together when I ran across the haiku sonnet form and found a way to connect these encounters into a cohesive poem that captured and honored the haiku feel and format that these adorable, mischievous “shimarisu” deserved.

While almost all of the photos on my website are my own, sadly I was unable to effectively capture my shimarisu in action. The amazing stock photo I’ve shared here certainly captures the essence of my fall encounter.

About The Closed Eye Open

The Closed Eye Open explores art and literature and the many forms of expression. They have a wonderful “About” section worth reading. I especially enjoyed the quotes they provided to explain their sensibilities. Peruse their latest issue and other Maya’s Micro batches. The work is worth a read! Follow them on Instagram: @theclosedeyeopen. Enjoy!

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