Poetry Society of Tennessee’s anthology, Tennessee Voices 2020-2021, is available for purchase. I’m thrilled that my poems “Breaking Silence” and “Good Breeding” are included. The anthology features all of the poems placing first in society contests held during the 2020-2021 program year. The society, also known as PST, holds monthly members-only contests, an annual festival and contest and an annual student contest.

I had the honor of judging the PST-Northeast Chapter Prize included in this volume: the subject was Earth Day–50th Anniversary. I enjoyed reading all of the poems submitted, and it was quite difficult to choose a winner among the top entries. Ultimately, I selected Barbara Blanks’ poem, “Recycle This.”

Tennessee Voices 2020-2021 is available in Kindle and paperback format.

Familiar Faces

Several fellow PST members are featured in the anthology, as are non-members from across the country and beyond. The anthology prominently features PST-NE member Gretchen McCroskey, who was named PST Poet Laureate for 2020-2021. This honor recognizes members for their contributions to poetry.

About My Poems

“Breaking Silence” is a lilibonelle that tells a dark domestic tale. “Good Breeding” is a cheeky blank verse narrative filled with romance, a little intrigue and … good breeding.

About Poetry Society of Tennessee

Poetry Society of Tennessee is an organization for people who love poetry. You need not reside in Tennessee to become a member. For more information about the society and membership visit their website.

I am a member of the society’s northeast branch, where I serve as the vice president of communications. Learn more about our branch and see what we are up to here. You’ll find information on various events, workshops, contests and submission opportunities along with profiles on our members and programs.

A Tip for New Poets

Joining a poetry society is a great way to learn about and connect with your local poetry community. You may join other poetry lovers to discover poets and poetry, develop skills, work your craft, share your work, get published or be promoted. I’ve pursued and received all of these benefits in our chapter.

Poetry Society of Tennessee holds monthly contests for members only; these contests are a great place to start. When preparing poems for contests, take advantage of critique groups … and don’t be afraid to stretch yourself. My winning poem “Good Breeding” was my first-ever attempt at blank verse!

Follow my highlights to learn more about my creative endeavors and to get more writing tips.

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