I’m excited to share that two of my poems have been published in Mildred Haun Review Journal 2021: A Celebration of Appalachian Literature, Culture, and Scholarship. These were among my first works accepted by journals and I’m ever so grateful to the staff for including my work.

I learned about this opportunity during Walters State Community College’s 2021 Mildred Haun Festival. Submit your work for 2022: a call for submissions is now open.

Familiar Faces

Fellow Poetry Society of Tennessee Northeast (PST-NE) chapter members Sam Campbell, Chrissie Anderson Peters, and Larry Thacker also have pieces in this issue. I feel honored to be in their company!

About My Poems

As Emily Dickinson says, “Tell all the truth, but tell it slant.” While my poems “The Meet-up” and “As I Stepped Down Darkened Stairs” were both formed from life experience in Appalachia, I have taken liberty with the actual facts surrounding the events that inspired them. If you’ve been following my work, you know I like to play with form. For the latter of these poems, I enjoyed shaping form to mirror the language.

Check here for more information about my published poetry and other works.

About Mildred Haun Review

Mildred Haun Review Journal is an online literary magazine from Walters State Community College that “emphasizes creative and academic writing that explores, celebrates, narrates, analyzes, redefines, and deconstructs what it means to be Appalachian through metaphor, image, experience, and research.”

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