I’m excited to share that my photograph “Before & Aster” has been published in Issue 13 of Wild Roof Journal. I captured this photograph while engaging in shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) on the lower elevations of Roan Mountain a few falls ago.

About My Photography

My interests as a photographer interweave well with my writing themes. Although my experience ranges from still life to sports action and nearly all points in between, I’m most drawn to nature, especially contemplative scenes. From broad vistas to micro moments within a larger scene, I seek beauty, patterns and the curious. I like to play with angles, lighting and perspective and experiment to discover the unexpected.

Check here for more information about my published work, both as writer and photographer.

About Wild Roof Journal

Wild Roof Journal is an online art and literary publication that “features work from a wide range of creative people.” While there is an eclectic focus on the creative, they also have an interest in the deeper meaning of nature and how humans connect to (and disconnect from) it. About Us is thoughtfully articulated and the journal is worth a read. (They also have a podcast!)

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